What monitor size is ideal for Sim Racing?

What monitor size is ideal for Sim Racing?

April 21st, 2022

The monitor size is kind of a preference thing. It should depend mostly on how far you are from the screen.

In other words, the further away you are from the monitor, the larger the screen you need.

There are some FOV Calculators on the internet, so you can calculate the in-game FOV and achieve good immersion at almost every monitor size.

From my experience, I’d say get at least a 21-inch monitor. While there are even players who play on 60-inch monitors, I’d say 32-inch is somewhere in the middle and should be a sweet spot I’d recommend if you have no idea what size to get. In most cases, it’s not too small, and it’s not too big as well. It’s also wonderful if you’ll make a triple monitor setup one day. If I’d have to specify one, “ideal” monitor size for sim racing, it’d definitely be 32-inch.

What resolution is best for Sim Racing?

When looking for a monitor, you are probably also wondering what resolution to choose.

Here’s my take:

Get the largest, take the largest one, whether it’s 2k or 4k, doesn’t matter. If you’ll have to, you can always change the resolution in the operating system settings, or in the game settings. Worse, if you get too low resolution, then the game may be a bit blurry. In my case, on a 27-inch monitor, the 1920×1080 resolution already seems a bit too low.

However, do not always set the highest possible resolution. Higher resolution = less FPS. Make sure you have at least as many FPS as you have Hz in your monitor, even if because of that you will have a slightly worse graphic (at least do this if you want results, not necessarily nice views).

Are curved monitors good for Sim Racing?

It’s a personal kind of thing. For me, they are wonderful, but I probably wouldn’t pay extra for them. It’s not as much different experience.

If you have only one, ultrawide monitor, curved may give you better immersion, but if you’re playing on a triple, in my opinion, there’s almost no difference between curved and flat ones.

As I wrote above, it is primarily a matter of individual preferences. If possible, try both types of monitors before buying and see for yourself which one suits you better.

My opinion, or anyone else’s, does not matter much here. Opinions are subjective, so in this case, you should really see for yourself what you like the most.

What monitor size is best for a triple monitor setup in Sim Racing?

I’d say that again, 32-inch seems like a sweet spot. It’s both, not gigantic, and not small. Some people prefer 27-inch monitors for a triple, and they are great too, but from my experience, in the long run, they could be a bit too small.

If you like big screens, and you’re sitting quite a little further from the screen, you can consider, for example, 43-inch monitors. There are even people who have 60-inch triples, but keep in mind these things:

  • It’s really hard to find that big monitor built for games (high refresh ratio, low input lag). People often buy TVs instead, but they’re usually not too good for professional gaming.
  • A bigger monitor size in most cases means a bigger price. These monitors can cost more than 2 thousand dollars… Each.
  • A bigger monitor size requires more space. For example, even if I could afford it, I couldn’t fit triple 60-inch monitors inside my room.
  • The bigger the monitor size is, the bigger should be your resolution. Even for top-notch PCs, it would be quite challenging to handle sim racing games on a triple 4k setup in more than 60 FPS.

Again, I’d recommend 32-inch as probably the most universal size, and again, I’d say – try them for yourself, measure your room, calculate your PC’s performance and find something that fit your needs.