Is iRacing good for beginners?

Is iRacing good for Beginners?

April 18th, 2022

At the beginning of the sim racing adventure, in addition to the basic equipment, we also need to have at least one sim racing game.

One of the most popular and best games in this genre is of course iRacing.

However, as you may know, this game is played by many pro players, real racing drivers, and everything is taken quite seriously there.

So is it a good choice for a beginner sim racer?

I will try to answer this question, as well as several others, in this post.

Can a beginner play iRacing?

Technically, yes. There is no test to pass or something like that.

You buy the game, install it, and you can start racing the same day.

It works similar to other sim racing games. So as you can see, as a newbie, you can play iRacing.

But does it make sense?

In my opinion, iRacing is a great choice for beginners, but only for those who want to treat this seriously from the very first minutes.

If you’re a beginner, I’d try with iRacing if:

  • You have professional equipment such as a steering wheel and pedals.
  • You know the basics of racing and its rules (better read them on the iRacing website as well).
  • Furthermore, you are humble enough to know that you are not the best right away. It means that before joining the race, at least you will familiarize yourself with the track and the car each time in training mode, at least good enough to not ruin the race for others.

Why is all of that required?

There are two simple reasons:

  • Penalties and bans – If you don’t know how to behave on the track, and you make it difficult for others to race, you may receive a penalty, such as a ban.
  • iRating – this system rates your skills. If you keep failing, you will fall a lot over time and play against the worst players. There is nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, it is better to deal with the best possible. They’ll probably teach you some tricks faster, and all the races should be much cleaner.

How hard is it to get into iRacing?

Again, it depends on the certain player.

If you have no racing/sim racing experience, I’d say it’s much harder than in games such as Assetto Corsa, which has a lot of free, public, and “fun” servers you can be not too serious about.

However, if you know what racing is and how to behave in it, I’d say iRacing is pretty simple to start on. It’s a pretty solid platform you shouldn’t have any technical problems with. If you have, the support is awesome (the best I’ve ever experienced in the genre), and there are a lot of groups and forums you can also get help.

The interface is super simple, and you don’t need to install any external mods to play it comfortably.

In all the technical means, it’s super easy.

iRacing is a great game for beginners as long as they have a steering wheel and have mastered the basics of track behavior.

It is also great for low-skilled people, hence it has a lot of iRating levels, so there should always be some people with similar skillsu. Even if you’re a beginner, and you’re not too skilled, but you know how to race clean, don’t worry, you should have a lot of fun with it.

Do you need a steering wheel for iRacing?

Nowadays, you should have a steering wheel for pretty much every serious sim racing game. There are quite unplayable on keyboards, and usually, they are not too good on controllers as well.

In the iRacing, the steering wheel is also, so much recommended.

If you don’t have it, you can try with the controller, but in this case, I’d put much effort into training, because playing with a controller requires decent skills. Get yourself to the point you wouldn’t crash into every wall before you start any public session.

iRacing is playable on the controller, and some people are quite good at it. However, if you can, definitely get a steering wheel.