How to get noticed in Sim Racing?

April 6th, 2022

Perhaps you dream of getting a chance in real racing or in the esports sim racing scene. While I don’t advise you to wait idly for “maybe it will work happen someday” in this post, I will show you a few ways to get others to notice your sim racing talent.

In the beginning, a few words about me, because who am I at all to write about this topic? I am not and have never been involved in sim racing professionally. During the few years of being a sim racer, I’ve played about a thousand hours. Believe it or not, that’s not much.

I have, however, two experiences that have taught me a little:

  • Almost from the beginning, I followed the career of my colleague, who built a really decent sim racing career. He competed in F1 Esports, among others.
  • Before I was playing sim racing, I was competing in arcade racing games. To this day, I am one of the most famous racing drivers in GTA San Andreas of all time.

Let’s get down to my tips:

1. Never stop making progress

If you want to get noticed, you should be as good as you can. It is true that you may be noticed, for example, by the fact that you are funny, or if you had some incredible crash, but if you want to get a chance in a prestigious team, your skills will be what matters the most.

In order to have the best possible skills, you cannot stop making progress. Nobody is stopping. The best drivers from the real world play Sim Racing for a reason. They also do not want to stop progressing, and although many of them have achieved almost everything, they still want to be better. If you want to treat this seriously, your mentality should be the same.

2. Participate in many prestigious and popular tournaments

Your name can be promoted where it can be seen by many people.

For this reason, it is worth choosing well-known and serious tournaments rather than the small ones organized mainly for fun.

Focus on series that are broadcasted live and have a large audience.

3. Consider creating your own content

At the beginning, I wrote that to this day I am one of the most popular racing drivers in the GTA San Andreas. I have not been playing actively for several years, and there have been a lot of drivers on the scene who are better. Despite this, to this day I get offers to join a team, or appear on a tournament or server.

I’ve never been the best. However, I owe my popularity and recognition to the fact that I regularly published YouTube content. I uploaded my best moments, races, tournaments, and so on. I had the impression that many people thought my skills were better than they really were.

You can say it’s not sim racing. Sure, not really. Want a sim racing example? Look at Jimmy Broadbent. Honestly, with all the respect to Jimmy, I’ve seen better sim racers. Don’t get me wrong. His skills are fantastic, and I’d love to be at his level one day. However, I wouldn’t say they are astonishing or something. However, he is very likable, and he’s currently one of the biggest sim racing content creators in the world, who, guess what – got noticed and got a real job as a racing driver.

How cool is that?

4. Don’t be afraid to apply to the best teams

Do you want to be the best? Work with the best. Or play with the best in this particular case.

Try to get into the best teams. In my experience, as long as you’re not just a reserve driver, and you are playing on a regular basis, it’s better to be the worst player in the best team than the best player in the worst team.

Surrounding yourself with sim racers better than you will surely give you a lot of motivation, and they will definitely help you improve your skills.

Even if you don’t get in, so what? There are a lot of teams, and if you are too weak today, you can always try again, for example in two months after you train a bit.

5. Pay attention to the networking

Make contacts.

The more people know and like you, the more people can remember you.

Even if someone is only a decent sim racer today, maybe one day they will own a real racing team.

A large number of friends in the sport can help you. But don’t get me wrong. Try not to be a toady. Just don’t be afraid to get to know people, and be a decent person.

6. Promote yourself

Use social media, post your racing highlights on various YouTube channels, and do your best to make others notice you.

In most cases, the best solution is to create your own content for your own social media, but if you don’t want it, just try to make your name appear in many other places. For example, you can give interviews about sim racing. That’s also something!

7. Win races

At the end of the day, what matters the most is your skill. Since skill is not measurable, people will look at results and wins.

Try to win as much as you can, but always be fair. Don’t be that try hard who ruins races because they can’t accept failure because people don’t like them.

Just try to be better and better and win as much as possible.

Even if you don’t promote yourself, if you win a lot of big tournaments and leagues, people will notice you. That doesn’t automatically guarantee you can get many interesting offers, but there will be a possibility.

If you want, however, to start in the e-sport or real racing, don’t be afraid to try it on your own. Don’t wait for others to give you a mythical “chance”. Just try to get into it as soon as possible.