Do you have to pay for iRacing?

Do you have to pay for iRacing?

April 13th, 2022

Are you wondering if you need to pay for iRacing? When I first started my sim racing journey, I was wondering too. I had quite a limited budget due to many expenses such as steering wheel, pedals, etc.

In this post, I’ll try to cover some of the most asked questions when it comes to paying for iRacing.

Can you play iRacing for free?

Unfortunately, no. Most Sim Racing games are paid, and iRacing isn’t different.

Actually this game has quite a unique payment model, because you can “buy” iRacing for a really cheap price, but only for some time. It’s a subscription-based game, so you need to pay for renewals if you want to continue to play.

Can you try iRacing for free?

It’s not possible unless you ask someone to, for example, try this game in their home.

This game is quite affordable for new members, because they get a 40% discount, meaning they can buy 1 month for ~$7 or 12 months for $66.

Current pricing is available here.

It’s not that much considering it’s one of the best sim racing games.

If you know what iRacing is, and you’re an active sim racer, I suggest buying a long membership with that 40% discount. If you are not sure, you can get 3 months or something and test if this game fits you.

Can you buy iRacing without a subscription?

This would be awesome, but no.

iRacing content (cars and tracks) is something that you buy only once, but you still need to pay the subscription fee if you want to play. If you don’t want for some time, you can take a break and be back whenever you want on your old account.

How much does iRacing cost?

That depends on discounts and membership length. I would say, on average, it’s about 10 bucks a month. It’s a fair price for the amount of fun we can get from that.

Current pricing is available here.

Remember that the subscription fee doesn’t come with all the content. If you want to have more cars or tracks than it’s included in the standard package (trust me, you’ll probably want them), you can buy them as a one-time purchase. Cars usually cost around $12, while tracks around $15.

Is iRacing worth the price?

To be honest? It depends. For most people in the Sim Racing community (since it’s not that cheap hobby) something around $10 isn’t a dealbreaker. For these, I’d definitely give iRacing at least a try.

If it is too much for you, I would stick to other games. iRacing offers good content and many unique things, but you can have fun in Sim Racing even without this game. If $10 is much, you should know, to play this game quite comfortably, you will probably need at least a few additional cars and tracks which also costs some money.

In my opinion, if you can afford it, iRacing is definitely worth the price. This game offers a very unique Sim Racing experience, so I’d recommend every sim racer to try it to see if it fits you. See how matchmaking works and how good are these laser-scanned cars and tracks.